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Chicks, Pullets and Hens For Sale in New Jersey

We are winding down our chicken business with 9/5 (I forgot about this hatch) as the last hatching date. 









A chicken tractor (mobile coop) and brooding boxes designed for 120 chicks will be available to purchase starting in September. Please inquire.

An appointment is necessary to pick up birds.


You must order a minimum of 4 chicks or pullets from the birth dates below. We can grow them out for you to 60-75 days old. You may also reserve chicks from birthdates below for future pick up.

The numbers next to each bird below are hatching dates and chicks still available from those birthdates.

Our theme is to offer vaccinated (Marek's Disease), pure bred, cold weather hardy, dual purpose, female heritage chickens that are good brown, green, and blue egg producers, have friendly personalities with people and other chickens, and are physically attractive.


HOW TO ORDER Select the variety & number of chicks/pullets that you want, the birthdate, the pick up date and text/call Brad to place an order or for information. 973-978-8311. 

How to pay:

Zelle: use

Venmo: Bradley Smith @PrincetonLavender 973-570-2099- I can also text you a link.

Check: Princeton Lavender LLC, 3741 Lawrenceville Rd Princeton, NJ 08540


Female Chick/Pullet Base Pricing Chart:


3-28 days old $14           29-44 days old $17  

45-60 days old $20         61-75  days old $24

76-90  days old $27        91-105 days old $30   

Additional charges for premium breeds

There is an $8 premium for Black Copper Marans, Blue Cuckoo Marans,   

There is a $12 premium for Barnevelders, Blue Splash Marans

There is a $18 premium for Blue Copper Marans, Blue Birchen Marans, Blue Orpingtons


Breeds we normally don't offer

Austra Whites brown eggs- very high production layer

18 chicks hatched 8/7

24 chicks hatched 9/5 

Barred Plymouth Rocks - High production - brown eggs

5 chicks hatched 9/5

Buff Orpingtons- High production - brown eggs

5 chicks hatched 9/5

Green Queen -  blue green eggs- high production

10 9/5

Light Brown Leghorns- high production- white eggs

4 chicks 7/24 hatch

New Hampshire Reds- high production- brown eggs

2 chicks hatched 9/5

Chicken Tractor for sale- 4' x 5' coop with 4' x 5' run. Ceramic floor, electrical set up with light and outlet.

3 years old and in good condition. was $2500 new. Open to offers


Poultry Carrier with clean out tray. 2' x 2' x 17".  Like new. $30

Pet Carrier in good condition.
36' x 22' x 15'.  $35

Princeton Lavender in NJ, Chickens for Sale in NJ

Rhode Island Reds are calm, cold hardy dual purpose birds laying 4-6 eggs per week. Developed in Rhode Island mature hens weigh 6.5 pounds. They are a solid staple to any flock and a high production layer.

16 chicks hatched 9/5


Princeton Lavender in NJ, Chickens for Sale in NJ

Black Copper Marans originated in Marans France and are known for their dark chocolate brown eggs. They are fast growers, good foragers, producing 3-5 eggs per week weighing 7lbs at maturity.

6 chicks 8/21 hatching

*Rooster Gallery- Roos Available Now *
There is 1 Easter egger Roo on property and he is likable. I will post a picture soon.

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