Chicks, Pullets and Hens For Sale in New Jersey

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We have over 300 chickens on premise and GUARANTEE FEMALES!

Our theme is to offer vaccinated (Marek's Disease), pure bred, cold weather hardy, dual purpose, female heritage chickens that are good brown, green, and blue egg producers, have friendly personalities with people and other chickens, and are physically attractive.

We suggest making a preorder to pick up at a future date and we will grow them out for you.


Select the variety and number of pullets that you want, the birthdate, the pick up date and use the Female Chick/Pullet Pricing Chart to calculate the cost. Call/text Brad if you need help and to place an order. 973-978-8311. Scroll down to the chicken pictures to see the current inventory based on birthdate. 

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Check: Princeton Lavender LLC, 3741 Lawrenceville Rd Princeton, NJ 08540

Female Chick/Pullet Pricing Chart:
3-28 days old $14        29-44 days old $17  

45-60 days old $20         61-75  days old $23

76-90  days old $26        91-105 days old $29    

106-120 days old $33     

There is an $8 premium for Black Copper Marans, Blue Cuckoo Marans, Olive Eggers and Cream and Exchequer Legbars. 

There is a $12 premium for Barnevelders, Wheaton Marans, Blue Splash Marans, Golden Cuckoo Marans.

There is a $18 premium for Blue Copper Marans, Blue Birchen Marans, Blue Orpingtons.

Following is future female chick availability so that you can plan out your pullet purchases.

Breeds we normally don't offer:

8 Guinea Fowl 8/8 

8 Barnevelder 7/25

16 chicks 8/22

5 Black Jersey Giants 7/25

9 Light Brahmas born 7/11

16 Light Brahmas 8/22

23 Green Queens 8/8

16 chicks 8/22

16 Assorted Polish 8/22

Plymouth Rocks, Chicks, Pullets and Hens For Sale in New Jersey
Golden Laced Wyandotte, Chicks, Pullets and Hens For Sale in New Jersey
Welsummers are Dutch birds, Chicks, Pullets and Hens For Sale in New Jersey
Silver Laced Wyandotte, Chicks, Pullets and Hens For Sale in New Jersey

Barred Plymouth Rocks are recognized by their black and white stripes. Hens are a 6-7 lb. hardy, duel purpose bird ideal for small flocks due to their productivity, friendly personalities, and tolerance for moderately cold climates.

Place an order for future pick up and I will grow them out for you.

Females guaranteed.

12 chicks 7/25

15 chicks 8/22

Golden Laced Wyandotte are beautiful, cold weather hardy, calm & friendly birds producing 4-6 brown eggs per week and weigh 6.6 lbs at maturity. 1 of our favorites.

1 Gorgeous Rooster born 2/14 $35 
16 chicks 8/8
15 chicks 8/22


Welsummers are Dutch birds named after the village of Welsum Holland, they were imported just over a century ago and are rare in the US. Hardy birds and great foragers, Welsummers are prized for producing beautiful eggs that are always unique in appearance. Mature hens weigh 6 pounds and produce up to 200 brown speckled eggs per year.

Roosters Available

Columbian Wyandottes were introduced at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago. They are a beautiful docile breed with white feathered bodies and the Columbian pattern on their neck and tail. They will weigh 6.5 lbs at maturity and lay 4-6 brown eggs per week.


Silver Laced Wyandotte were named after the Wendat Native American Tribe, mature quickly, and are an elegant, docile, dual purpose, cold hardy bird. Mature hens weigh 6.5 pounds and will lay up to 200 brown eggs per year.

8 chicks born 7/11

16 chicks 8/22

Rhode Island Reds are calm, cold hardy dual purpose birds laying 4-6 eggs per week. Developed in Rhode Island mature hens weigh 6.5 pounds. They are a solid staple to any flock.

2 Chicks born 7/25
15 chicks 8/22


Black Copper Marans originated in Marans France and are known for their dark chocolate brown eggs. They are fast growers, good foragers, producing 3-5 eggs per week and weighing 7lbs at maturity.

16 Chicks 8/22

Buff Brahma are the newest and rarest of the Brahmas with large bodies, feather shanks and outer toes. They are slow growers up to 9.5 lbs laying 4-6 eggs per week. They are cold and heat hardy and make great pets. One of our favorite breeds.

6 chicks 7/25

Dark Brahmas were introduced in the US in the 1850's as a large feather footed bird with wonderful personalities laying 3-5 eggs per week and weighing 9 lbs at maturity. They are superb mothers and pets. 

5 chicks born 7/11

Easter Eggers are docile, family friendly birds coming in multiple colors laying light blue/green eggs. They are cold and heat hardy, weigh 4.5 lbs at maturity and lay 4-6 eggs per week.
3 Roosters born 2/14 $35
1 Rooster born 4/11
13 chicks 8/8
16 chicks 8/22


Exchequer Legbar are of Italian origin, forage well, lay 3-5 white eggs per week, weigh 3.5 lbs at maturity and are easy on the eye.
6 pullets born 6/27
5 roosters born 6/27


Speckled Sussex were developed in  England over 100 years ago. They are excellent foragers/free rangers. We love their personalities. They are superb pets weighing 7 lbs at maturity and laying 3-5 brown eggs per week.

13 chicks 7/25
15 chicks 8/22


White Cochins are pure white with feathered legs and feet. They are very docile and sweet weighing 8lbs at maturity and laying 3-5 brown eggs per week. Kids love them.

10 chicks born 7/11
13 chicks 7/25

Cream Legbars were developed in Britian in the 1930's. They are chatty, curious and loveable laying 3-5 sky blue to pastel green eggs each week and weighing 5lbs at maturity.

10 chicks 8/8


Buff Orpington are cold weather hardy, friendly, affectionate, calm, and often broody which makes them excellent mothers and great pets for kids. They weigh 8lbs at maturity and lay 4-6 brown eggs per week.

10 chicks 7/25

Blue Orpingtons have all the wonderful qualities and production of their Buff cousins except they are slate blue with dark lacing.
15 chicks 8/8