About Our Lavender Farm

Beth and I started our first lavender field here in 2016. We built and took residence of our New England colonial farm house in April 2017. We opened the farm stand and started beehives in 2018. We tilled and planted a new one acre of lavender and fenced a 1 acre goat pasture in September 2019 and a second acre pasture in October 2020.  We made our first simple lavender syrup in June 2020 and soon after developed good recipes for Cold Brew Lavender coffee and Lavender Lemonade. Beth created a wonderful Lavender Pumpkin Bread Halloween 2020 and lavender breads will be part of our offerings going forward. Goats and Chickens arrived in 2020.


We keep growing with fun new things for 2021... We have built a traditional New England  post and beam barn and are hoping to add ponies and alpacas for family friendly farm visits.

We offer a fun, healthy, spacious outdoor, interactive family friendly farm escape where you can experience the physical beauty, incredible aroma, and surprisingly delicious culinary applications of lavender. We invite you to enjoy the lavender, the animals, the farm, and our natural raw local honey.

A new Dappled & Spotted Boer Goat herd arrived in October 2020. These Boers are beautiful and gentle. The herd sire "Prototype 2" has his first harem and is also a lover of people. He is very gentle.  Several of the does are pregnant and all would like to be hand fed. We will provide the food. We are also breeding these unusually attractive goats and will eventually sell kids.. We have just doubled their pasture to include the high meadow grasses. 

Chickens - The flock changes often with new chicks coming in every month.  3 coops allow us to have 100+ birds of 4-6 varieties on premise. It's surprising how much entertainment and pleasure chickens can provide. Check out the Chicken webpage for info on buying chicks, pullets and hens. 



 Mill Creek Apiary will help us increase honey production by starting 50+ new hives here in 2021 with Jason and Pat from Mill Creek providing all hive management. Check out the Honey and Bee Products page for specific on our natural raw honey.

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