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New Jersey Lavender Farm

Princeton Lavender in NJ
Princeton Lavender in NJ
Princeton Lavender in NJ
Princeton Lavender in NJ

Lavender plants are now available.

We have 200 1 gallon plants available of the following varieties:


Hidcote, Sensational, Dilly Dilly and Blue Cushion.


Gallons -  $20 each and 6 for $100

100 quart containers of Munstead and Hidcote.

$12 each and 10 for $100.

All plant sales are final. There are no refunds.

Lavender grows well in good draining soil, hillsides, raised mounds or beds. Lavender does well with 1/2 - full day of sun. It's deer resistant!

Lavender Sensational is the next generation of Lavender Phenomenal with incredibly large and thick flowers and sturdy stems. Broad SILVER foliage is thick, tough, and cupped. Dense habit with incredible branching stems. Extremely good heat and humidity tolerance along with cold tolerance. Sweet lavender floral aroma with low camphor. 24"-30' wide 30" tall.

Hidcote Blue is an ornamental herb.  The silvery-gray fine foliage of this tall lavender compliments the deep purple flowers, making this the most popular of the English lavenders. Use ‘Hidcote Blue’ lavender to backdrop lower-growing perennials and annuals in shades of yellows for a complimentary color scheme. 18"-24' tall and wide.

Dilly Dilly is spherical shaped with highly fragrant violet-blue flower spikes. A great choice for cut flowers and crafts, its round shape adds an interesting element to perennial beds and walkway borders. A hardy, easy to grow variety, tolerates heat, drought, and poor, dry soils. 18"-24" wide and 18"-20" high.

'Blue Cushion is compact with cushion form of gray-green foliage. Continuous blooms of deep purple-blue flowers arrive throughout the season, fading to pale lavender with age. In the herb garden, perennial border, or planted in containers, this English Lavender keeps you in scent and color all season long with its repeated blooms. Water thrifty and easy to grow, Blue Cushion is also a pollinator favorite. 12"-16" wide and tall .

Munstead is a smaller variety with silver green leaves and blue flowers. It flowers early and is good for pots and borders. It retains it's color when dried. 18-24".

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