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New Jersey Lavender Farm


We grow and sell 4 varieties of Lavender: Big Time Blue, Phenomenal,  Sensational, and now Hidcote because they were developed for the Northeast climate. They are more likely to succeed than English, French or Spanish Lavenders which do better in cooler dryer climates and don't like humidity.

Lavender grows well in good draining soil, hillsides, raised mounds or beds. Lavender does well with 1/2 - full day of sun. It's deer resistant!

Lavender Sensational is the next generation of Lavender Phenomenal with incredibly large and thick flowers and sturdy stems. Broad SILVER foliage is thick, tough, and cupped. Dense habit with incredible branching stems. Extremely good heat and humidity tolerance along with cold tolerance. Sweet lavender floral aroma with low camphor.

Big Time Blue will flower several times in 1 season starting May 15- June 1 and is hardy. The color is a pleasure to behold. It works well in culinary applications. We use in our simple syrup and breads.

Phenomenal grows robustly with elegant long stems, will attract numerous pollinators and Praying Mantis when full grown due to it's large size and huge volume of flowers. It starts flowering about the first day of Summer. It's a beautiful 4 season evergreen. It works well in culinary applications. We use in our simple syrup and breads.

 Hidcote Blue' is an ornamental herb.  The silvery-gray fine foliage of this tall lavender compliments the deep purple flowers, making this the most popular of the English lavenders. Use ‘Hidcote Blue’ lavender to backdrop lower-growing perennials and annuals in shades of yellows for a complimentary color scheme.

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