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Princeton Lavender Has A New Event Pavilion.

We invite you to book the event pavilion for your gatherings and events in our rustic farm setting 2.5 miles from downtown Princeton.

  1. The event pavilion is 21' x 29' with a concrete floor, lights and electrical outlets.

  2. Tables and chairs for 48 are included. Guests may utilize the open lawn for their event.

  3. The event pavilion faces the animal pastures and barn. It has windowed side wall tent curtains that can be drawn to keep out inclement weather. Heat is available if needed.

  4. We have parking for 40 cars and a clean Porta Jon.

  5. Rates are $10 per person with a $350 minimum. 10 cups of animal feed are included for hand feeding farm animals.

  6. You may check availability by viewing the event calendar on the Event Pavilion page on the website.

  7. How to Book the Event Pavilion: There is a pdf contract below the calendar to review. Open it, fill it out and email to as a pdf. Text/call Brad (973) 978-8311 with any questions.

  8. How to pay:

A. Venmo - Text Brad to request a Venmo link.

B. Zelle - Use the email address

C. Check - Make payable to Princeton Lavender. Mail to 3741 Lawrenceville Rd Princeton, NJ 08540


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