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Boer Goat Breeders in New Jersey


Max Boer Goats Prototype 2- Herd Sire

DOB: 6/29/19

Sire: Max Boer Goats Prototype

Dam: Max Boer Goats Red Ripper Diva

Full Blood Spotted/Dappled Boer with a sweet temperament. Proto has produced beautiful and valuable offspring for 3 straight years. He gets the job done and is a solid investment.



Max Boer Goats Proto Showgirl- Doe

DOB: 7/13/15

Sire:Max Boer Goats Prototype

Dam:  Max Boer Goats RT Showgirl

Full Blood Spotted/Dappled Boer


Max Boer Goats Black Velvet- Doe

DOB - 5/7/20

Sire: Max Boer Goats The Tiger King

Dam: - Max Boer Goats

Full Blood Spotted/Dappled Boer

Delivered - Pearl, Snoopy and new doe kid BB.


Princeton Lavender Snoopy- Buck 
DOB - 1/19/23
Sire - Zeus
Dam - Black Velvet 
Full Blood Spotted/Dappled Boer
Snoopy is an adorable beefcake. Great temperament and personality. Not much bothers Snoopy. He may be the sweetest goat that we have had.
Asking $1750


Princeton Lavender Pearl
DOB - 2/16/22
Sire - Prototype 2
Dam - Black Velvet
Full Blooded Boer Goat


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