Farm Visits, Tours, Parties and Events



Tuesday-Friday 9-2pm & 5:30-sunset. no appointment required.

Saturday  10-4pm- no appointment required

Sunday    12-4pm- no appointment required

Call Brad to book an event. 973-978-8311.

The farm stand is open to everyone.

Touring the farm 

 $5 admission fee per person 3 years old and over.

We have a no pet policy.


Please check in at the farm stand first. This includes walking in the lavender field, visiting the animals, taking photographs or having a picnic. Animal feed can be purchased for hand feeding.

3 Male Yearling Suri Alpacas are on premise and they are gorgeous. They just won 5 Championships at 3 National shows. They are very gentle and can be hand fed.

75 young chickens of 8 varieties are free ranging in the field and among the sunflowers and zinnias. It's a great sight and very fun.


Goat kids are adorable and very worth the visit. Come interact with the kids. 

Adult goats like to be hand fed too and are very gentle.

Ziggy the pony would like you to hand feed him and brush him.

 A turkey and guinea fowl are free ranging in the pasture. Turkeys are very endearing and their personalities will surprise you.


Birthday parties and events. You may bring your own food/drink. We charge $10 per person for events in the field for a 2-3 hour event.

6 tables are currently set up outside the 2 pastures in front of the barn. We can provide animal feed for hand feeding thru the fence and then we accompany guests into the barnyard to interact with the animals. We have tables and chairs for up to 58 people.