Mill Creek Apiary is currently managing our bee hives and will help us expand honey production in 2021 and more significantly in 2022.  We now sell Mill Creek's beautiful products with the intention of co-labeling the honey and wax produced here in 2021.


We have our Lavender Honey, Mill Creek's Lavender and Ginger Infused Honey, Cranberry and Wild Flower Honey, Mill Creek's Lavender Moisturizing Skin, and elegant Bayberry and Beeswax  Candles all currently for sale in our gift shop.

A Catskills Maple syrup farmer stopped here mid October. He was no longer able to sell in the Union Square Market in NYC due to the pandemic and asked us to collaborate with him. Roxbury Mountain Maple has over 30,000 taps and we are fortunate to offer their amber and dark 100% pure maple syrup fresh from their farm.

All candles are made with 100% pure cosmetic grade beeswax. All wicks are 100% braided cotton.

Beeswax candles burn brighter and longer than paraffin candles and clean the air through negative ionization which removes odors, toxins, and particulates. 

Approximate burn time:

6" taper: 7 hours

10" taper: 12 hours.

3" Pillar: 35 hours

4" Pillar: 45 hours

Bayberry candles are a blend of bayberry wax and pure beeswax, resulting in a longer burn and enhanced beeswax scent. Bayberry wax is an aromatic, green vegetable wax that is extracted from the bayberry plant.


Bayberry tapers burn at a rate of 1.25" per hour.

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