Plymouth Rocks are recognized by their black and white stripes. Hens are a 6-7 lb. hardy, duel purpose bird ideal for small flocks due to their productivity, friendly personalities, and tolerance for moderately cold climates.


 Our chicks born were 12/14/20. They should lay 4 large brown eggs per week at 20 weeks of age. 


Chicks are $17.50 each, 10+ @ $15 each. Price will increase to $20 each 2/14. Current age picture at bottom of page.

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Our Golden Laced Wyandotte chicks were born 12/14/20. Recognized by the APA in 1888 Wyandottes are cold hardy, duel purpose birds laying 200 brown eggs per year. Hens are beautiful, gentle, and 6-7 lbs. at maturity.

Current age picture at bottom of page.

Our Black Australorp chicks were born 12/14/20. Recognized by the APA in 1929 they were developed in Australia in the early 1900's and still hold records for egg laying.  Hens are large, gentle, cold hardy, dual purpose birds laying up to 200 eggs per year weighing 6.5-8 lbs. at maturity.

Crows are a natural enemy of hawks.  Some flock owners say that having Australorps in your free ranging flock prevents hawk attacks perhaps because the hawks mistake them for crows. We will be conducting that experiment in March 2021 once our chicks are large enough to free range.

Current age picture at bottom of page.

Welsummer chicks arrive 2/5/21. Dutch birds named after the village of Welsum Holland, they were imported just over a century ago and are still fairly rare in the US. Hardy birds and great foragers, Welsummers are prized for producing beautiful eggs that are always unique in appearance. Mature hens weigh 6 pounds and produce up to 200 brown speckled eggs per week.

Welsummer Roosters are beautiful and one named Cornelius can be found on the Kellog Corn Flakes Box. We will have 1 male chick arriving 2/5/21. 

Speckled Sussex chicks arrive 3/5/21. They are a superb dual purpose heavy breed developed in England in the late 19th century. Calm, beautiful, and excellent foragers, they make great show birds and mothers. They lay 200+ light brown eggs per year. Hens weigh 7 pounds at maturity. 

Silver Laced Wyandotte chicks arrive 2/5/21. They were named after the Wendat Native American Tribe, mature quickly, and are an elegant, docile, dual purpose, cold hardy bird. Mature hens weigh 6.5 pounds and will lay up to 200 brown eggs per year

Bourbon Red Heritage Turkeys were developed in Pa/Ky in the late 19th century. They are good foragers that enjoy pasture. They are heavy breasted with superb meat flavor and quality reaching maturity in 24-28 weeks at 23 lbs for Toms and 14lbs for hens.


Chicks arrive here 4/3/21.

Broad Breasted turkeys are fast growing and beautiful with Toms reaching 38 lbs and hens 26 lbs. in 18 weeks. 

Chicks arrive here 4/3/21.

Black Spanish Heritage turkeys are beautiful, fast growing birds reaching maturity in 24-28 weeks and laying at 9 months with Toms normally processed weighing 23 lbs and hens 14 lbs.


Chicks arrive here 4/3/21 

Chocolate Heritage Turkeys were common in the south prior to 1860 and are now uncommon. These birds reach processing weight in 24-28 weeks with toms weighing 23 lbs. and hens weighing 14 lbs.

Chick arrive here 4/3/21

Brown Chinese Geese are decedents of Asian Swan Geese.  They are good weeders, guard geese, layers and produce the least greasy meat. They weigh 9-10.5 pounds at maturity which takes 2 years. They were on George Washington's farm at Mt Vernon. 7 Goslings arrive here 5/27/21 but we can increase the order if you are interested.

40 Plymouth Rock, Golden Laced Wyandotte, Black Australorp chicks born 12/14/20 now on premise.

Below are current pics.

Golden Laced Wyandotte chick at 5 weeks with body and tail feathers. Head feather just coming in.

Black Australorp chick at 5 weeks.

Nicely feathered. Notice the gray feet.

Plymouth Rock chick at 5 weeks has adult plumage with just a bit of chick downy around the ears.

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