There is still some Lavender flowering, but we are in the process of cutting it to dry.

We will start regular hours again September 12 when we will have Sensational! (See below) and Big Time Blue field plugs for sale for $6 each. There will be a limited supply and we will be planting most of those plugs in our field.

Call or text to schedule an appointment:

Brad 973-978-8311

Beth 973-570-2099

Appointments require a $10 minimum purchase per person.

Try our Iced Cold Brew Lavender Coffee made with our Simple Lavender Syrup, Gourmet Coffee, Whole Organic Milk, sprinkled with Phenomenal Lavender and our Lavender Lemonade. Both will be fresh and refreshing for you and allow you to taste the lavender that we grow.

We are trying to have a new batch of pillows for September 12.

We grow and sell 2 varieties of Lavender and soon a 3rd: Big Time BluePhenomenal and Sensational! (coming 9/7) because they were developed for the Northeast climate. They are more likely to succeed than English, French or Spanish Lavenders which do better in cooler dryer climates but don't like humidity.


Time to start getting excited about Sensational! Lavender.

  • Lavender Sensational! is the next generation of Lavender Phenomenal with incredibly large and thick flowers and sturdy stems

  • Broad SILVER foliage is thick, tough, and cupped

  • Dense habit with incredible branching stems

  • Extremely good heat and humidity tolerance along with cold tolerance

  • Sweet lavender floral aroma with low camphor

Limited Sensational Lavender Field Plugs Will Be available For Sale 9/7.

Things to do at Princeton Lavender:

1.  Visit the farm stand to buy plants, fresh & dried lavender, lavender pillows, cold brew lavender coffee, and lavender lemonade.

2.  Get educated on growing and using lavender.

3. Walk thru the lavender field and maybe learn how to cut lavender flower. Observe the bumble and honey bees, butterflies and praying mantis.

4. Walk/hike almost 1 mile of natural trails thru the farm to enjoy the lovely natural scenery.

5. Hand feed the baby goats & (baby chicks coming in mid August)

6. Have a picnic- $10 minimum purchase required per person.

Please note that we don't have a public bathroom and that you are required to remove all your garbage.

We are now offering field produced Phenomenal Plants. They are the best we have grown. You need to see them laid out as a hedge! These are very high end landscape plants and superb pollinators. $25,$30,$40 each.

We can dig up as many as you need.

Selecting your Field Lavender Plants: 

Our field plants are beautiful. Customers are enjoying the experience of walking thru the field and selecting plants for us to dig up. The plants pop out cleanly and quickly. We put them into 3-7 gallon containers.

Big Time Blue will flower several times in 1 season and is hardy. The color is a pleasure to behold.

 Phenomenal grows robustly with elegant long stems. Will attract numerous pollinators and Praying Mantis when full grown due to it's large size and huge volume of flowers. It's a beautiful 4 season evergreen.

Events- Host your gatherings on our farm. We have a lovely patio and garden. Farm stand can be used as a back up if it rains. 

$10 per person for up to 2 hours.

Astilbes are pink fast growing perennials that thrive in part shade.  We dig them up and can show you how to divide them. We divide ours every year and it's very gratifying.  $20-$35. (September)

Coreopsis are a feathery green, hardy, repeat blooming perennial with yellow daisy like flowers that grow 18" high and 36" diameter. That's when we split them into 4 smaller plants in the fall. It is a satisfying exercise. We can show you how. Deer resistant, drought tolerant, full sun. (October)

We have variegated Marigolds. They are hardy fast growers reaching the size of a mum and blooming until frost. They are great for borders and very practical in vegetable gardens. They attract pollinators and are a valuable staple in every garden. The flowers produce large quantities of seed allowing you to grow your own next year. $2.50, $5, $10 each depending on size.

Brad 973-978-8311

Beth 973-570-2099 



Lavender grows well in good draining soil, hillsides, raised mounds or beds. Lavender does well with 1/2 - full day of sun. It's deer resistant.

We have a pasture with 6 kid goats. 3 were born March 1, 2020 and 3 were born March 1, 2019. They are very sweet and we provide food to hand feed them. We invite you to visit and spend time with Salt, Fudgsicle. Spice Girl. Sugar, Cream, and Cinnamon.

There is a field of tall grass and wild flowers next to the goat pasture where we have cut a maze/trails. It is lovely to walk thru and your kids will enjoy it.

You are welcome to picnic down by the goat pasture.

Please stop by the farm stand first, place your order, and then we will provide you with a cup of goat feed. 

Nessa, Princeton NJ

“I love lavender. It's so therapeutic. Princeton Lavender offers reasonably priced, fresh, local lavender. There is nothing better than great quality plants right from the farm.”

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