Buy Lavender Plants in New Jersey, New Jersey Lavender Farm

New Jersey Lavender Farm


We are cutting back our hours until Pumpkins and Mums arrive 9/9.


August Hours:


Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday

Call/text Brad with questions 973-978-8311

We are in the process of building a 20' x 28' pavillion to host your gatherings and events. We hope to have it operational by 9/20/22. Call Brad with questions.

The last of the spring honey is on the shelves and we will next be offering summer honey.

60 Gallon, 60 Quarts and 30 Field Plugs Lavender plants in stock.  


Please come hand feed the goats and our Suri Alpaca Whiskey. Whiskey is usually free ranging and will come over and eat from your hand. He is adorable.

We have a goat herd, Suri alpaca, a large flock of chickens and Ziggy the pony.

Farm visits require a $5 entrance fee at the farm stand.  Please check in there first.

We are willing to trade your help weeding, cutting or

de-budding lavender for anything we sell in the farm stand.  We pay $20 of lavender bundles, plants, lavender beeswax skin cream, simple syrup, honey etc.  for every hour that you can work with us. 

Call/text Beth 973-570-2099 with questions and to schedule.

The following farm stand products are available:

Lavender beeswax skin cream


Dried culinary lavender


Beeswax candles

300+ chicks and pullets for sale are on property. Select the chicken tab for an up to date inventory.  

We have a no pet policy.

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