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New Jersey Lavender Farm

April 13, 2021

Lavender plants now in stock for sale.

Open Saturdays 10-4

Sundays 1-4

We are open for business and family friendly farm visits. Goat kids are 2, 3, and 4 weeks old. They are adorable at this age and very worth the visit. Come hold and interact with the kids. 

Adult goats like to be hand fed too and are very gentle.


Ziggy the pony would like you to hand feed him and rub his nose.

There is a kooky Polish silver laced rooster patrolling the property

 74 baby chicks born 4/5 are in an outdoor coop. 22 turkey chicks will be outside next week. 

We have lots of room to walk and for your kids to run and play.

We are actively planting new lavender plugs in our field.


Saturdays in April 10-4pm No appointment required

Sundays in April, 1-4pm No appointment required

OR call Brad at 973-978-8311 to discuss a weekday lavender purchase or farm family visit. Weekday farm tours require a minimum $75 purchase.


Lavender field plugs and quart size containers are available for sale. Click on the Lavender tab up top to get more specifics on available lavender plants. 


The farm stand will have lavender beeswax skin cream and honey for sale.

We now have a business of raising chicks, pullets and hens for sale. Every month 80-90 new chicks arrive. Chicks, pullets and hens from 3 days -3 months old will be available as inventory allows. These chicks, pullets, and hens are also available for visitors to interact with and hand feed.

Click on the "Chickens" tab up top for more details.

We will significantly expand honey production to 50 hives on property by 5/1/21 to produce ample natural raw honey. Mill Creek Apiary will manage the bees and offer instructional classes on beekeeping. Dates to be announced.

Birthday Parties starting 2021: For children 5 and up. We will offer interactive birthday parties featuring hand feeding chickens, goats, and pony rides. We have ample safe open space for kids to play and enjoy. Please inquire.

“I love lavender. It's so therapeutic. Princeton Lavender offers reasonably priced, fresh, local lavender. There is nothing better than great quality plants right from the farm.”

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