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New Jersey Lavender Farm


MLK Day was a holiday for most of us but not Showgirl. She delivered these twin does at 11am. This is how they stay warm during this cold snap. We will invite you to come visit soon. We have 2 more does that should be giving birth this month.

 By appointment only. Call or text Brad 973-978-8311.

You may call/text in orders for Pumpkin Lavender Bread to pick up at your convenience. We will make loaves fresh for your order. Large Loaves are $20 each.

The following farm stand products are available:

Pumpkin Lavender Bread

Lavender relaxation pillows

Lavender beeswax skin cream


Dried culinary lavender



400+ chicks and pullets for sale are on property. Select the chicken tab for an up to date inventory.  

Hand feed the animals from outside the pasture and then visit them inside the pasture and barn! 

Farm visits require a $5 entrance fee at the farm stand.  Please check in there first.

Princeton Lavender is an ideal spot to have a picnic, party or event at a table right in front of farm animals. Hand feed the animals and then enter the pasture with them. You might be surprised at how pleasant the experience can be.

We have a no pet policy.