Beth and I wish you a very happy and healthy New Year.

Thank you so much for visiting and supporting Princeton Lavender in 2020. It was a year in which we evolved from a hobby farm into a full time venture. We really enjoy sharing our farm, interacting with all of you and are actively working to offer more in 2021.

Things might seem quiet here at present but a lot is going on:

1. 56  Plymouth Rock, Black Australorp and Golden Laced Wyandotte chicks arrived 12/15/20 and another 76 Plymouth Rock, Golden and Silver Laced Wyandotte, and Welsummers arrived 2/4/21. They are snug, warm and growing rapidly. A new chicken mansion arrived 1/30/20 allowing for a larger inventory. We have 3 rooster. 


Chicks and eventually chickens can be purchased at any time and all year round. Check out our webpage tab up top for "Chickens" for more details.

2. Hotty Spotty delivered a beautiful doe kid, Lady Godiva, 12/18/20. Lady is growing fast and now living with half the herd. She can run, jump, and now head butt with the best. She always makes us smile.

3. Construction began January 18 on a New England Post and Beam Barn in the 2nd pasture we fenced in October. The barn is being built by Country Carpenters in Ct. and we hope to complete by 4/1/21.

The foundation is complete and the barn raising has commenced.

4. We ordered 28 turkey chicks that will free range in the pasture with the barn once mature. Black Spanish Heritage, Bourbon Red Heritage, Chocolate Heritage, and Broad Breasted Bronze turkey chicks arrive 4/1/21. Predator protection will be critical since we have had to break up hawk attacks against our chickens this fall and watched as foxes tried to break into the chicken tractor. We are hoping we can find  solutions to live harmoniously with the predators who are especially active now in colder months.

We learned that since hawks are enemies of crows, black chickens and turkeys may act as a deterrent. Hawks may think the black chickens are crows and black turkeys are super sized crows.  We will find out in 2021!

5.  7 Brown Chinese Geese goslings arrive 5/24 ultimately for predator protection . We are bringing in lots of poultry chicks and will need Guard Geese. Early origins in this country included a mating pair gifted to George Washington at Mt Vernon. Let me know if you want any and I will increase the order.


 6. We are in talks to bring breeding Alpacas here once the barn is complete. We hope to know more by 4/1/21.

7. We will start searching for 1-2 ponies once barn construction is in full swing. We want to offer pony rides in 2021.

8. We will significantly expand honey production to 50 hives on property by 5/1/21. Mill Creek Apiary will manage the bees and offer instructional classes on beekeeping. Dates to be announced.

9. And then we start the lavender season 4/1/21 with the arrival of 800 field plugs (smallest and least expensive size available to plant) and quart size plants including newly developed Sensational!, Big Time Blue, and Phenomenal. We will put 300 field plugs into our field leaving 500 for sale.

 Hundreds of 1 gallon lavender plants will arrive 4/29/21. Click on the "About Us" tab up top for more specifics on Lavender plants.

Birthday Parties starting 2021: For children 5 and up. We will offer interactive birthday parties featuring hand feeding chickens, goats, alpacas and pony rides. We have ample safe open space for kids to play and enjoy. Please inquire.


“I love lavender. It's so therapeutic. Princeton Lavender offers reasonably priced, fresh, local lavender. There is nothing better than great quality plants right from the farm.”

Nessa, Princeton NJ

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